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Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do!

In addition the organization has engineered company development packages for installed Fortune 100 corporations, its principals and several startups who’s wishes range from marketplace studies, name branding, product placement, marketing, fundraising, and get entry to to pinnacle authorities officials, company leaders, and news retailers at the very best ranges. By using the choices contemporary in computer, telecommunications, polling, and advertising tools and strategies Capital Campaigns continues to expand and put into effect triumphing techniques assuring success and backside line effects.

We don’t run a meter and we do no longer take credit for the growing and putting of the choices solar. We can and do control processes and those and we get it carried out. We are here to make a distinction and we most effective work for the “exact men” men, girls, and people in want!

Michael C. Copperthite has labored on campaigns due to the fact that 1968 beginning as a volunteer for Robert F. Kennedy maintaining the seniors in coffee and doughnuts so they could label, stuff, lick and stamp mail. He later served inside the subject, doing enhance, finance, pc structures integration, fundraising, as the deputy political director, paid and as volunteer body of workers all over America and at the choices national offices of the choices presidential campaigns of Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Richard Gephardt and Bill Clinton.

Michael has controlled dozens of kingdom and nearby, congressional, senatorial, and global campaigns prevailing over 95%. He has worked with and evolved a network of some of the choices first-rate and brightest political and commercial enterprise talent of today who continually increase and put in force triumphing campaigns strategies for political and corporate customers!

His fulfillment has led him to work on elections and consulting jobs all around the international in which his enjoy, capacity to judge and to control humans and important assets, along along with his capacity to out hustle the choices opposition has again and again brought about wins defying pundits and “specialists.”

Michael leads an experienced team of hard operating professionals putting boots on the ground whose simplest hobby is the achievement of the choices customer!