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What is Apex crypto class and the way to use it

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What is Apex Crypto Class?

The Apex Crypto class provides some of cryptographic features for developing digests, message authentication codes, and signatures, in addition to encrypting and decrypting information. This lets in you to encrypt or decrypt information in or combine with external offerings that require these capabilities.

How to use Apex Crypto Class in Salesforce?

The Crypto class gives the following features to encrypt and decrypt using the AES algorithm:

encrypt(algorithmName, privateKey, initializationVector, clearText)-Encrypts the Blob clearText using the specified algorithm, personal key, and initialization vector. Use this method while you want to specify your own initialization vector.

decrypt(algorithmName, privateKey, initializationVector, cipherText) – Decrypts the choices Blob cipherText the use of the required algorithm, non-public key, and initialization vector. Use this technique to decrypt blobs encrypted the use of a 3rd celebration utility or the choices encrypt technique.

encryptWithManagedIV(algorithmName, privateKey, clearText) -Encrypts the choices Blob clearText the use of the required algorithm and private key. Use this approach when you need Salesforce to generate the choices initialization vector for you.

decryptWithManagedIV(algorithmName, privateKey, IVAndCipherText) -Decrypts the Blob IVAndCipherText the usage of the desired algorithm and private key. Use this approach to decrypt blobs encrypted the use of a 3rd party software or the choices encryptWithManagedIV method.

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Source – Salesforce developer Guide.

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