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Here is a piece of writing from 2018 the choices second they replaced their CEO due to the fact the choices preceding one changed into inducted for Binary Options international fraud:

The organization was also banned by means of several countries global for fraud and lots of humans misplaced all of their money: to-no longer-deal-with/up-and-down-marketing-constrained-t-a-one-two-trade opposition to-binary-options-brokers/

They were banned to function their Binary options fraud employer even in Israel, their own u . s . a .. Some month in 2017, they released Coti. The group consists through preceding Binary Options scammers: the end-ultimate-vast-10-yr-fraud/amp/

Coti release the equal month Isabel banned their previous organization for fraud: Preprocessor?topic=2273863.0

They use this corporation to say their extent. This agency methods credit score cards and you can’t confirm some thing, now not even the licenses. Why do you need a crypto organization in case you method credit playing cards? It’s all a big scam.

Here is the web site:

To summarize the choices employer is administered with the aid of an Israeli group with an intensive international history in fraud. The previous organizations had been shut down in several international locations for fraud. Including their own usa.

You can’t verify their extent, they declare to manner thousands and thousands a month but no one can even take a look at the product or discover an area in which Coti is widespread. They claim the quantity comes from a credit card processor company that they offered. They don’t want crypto or even a token. Remember that Coti changed into created in 2017 the choices moment they had been stuck for the choices Binary options fraud they jumped into crypto for the following scam. Called Coti.

Co-founder of Coti Samuel Falkon runned a fraud agency known as OneTwoTrade. Here you may see a PR from a few years ago with him promoting this company and Binary options buying and selling:

You can discover him still on the choices group as co-founder:

Here is an editorial about the choices Canadian regulator banning OneTwoTrade and indicting the organisation for fraud. It’s referred to within the center of the article, it additionally mentions their nasty practices:

You can see the previous team and Avi Chesed as the choices CEO, I widely recognized bills Binary Options fee provider with a shady background You can discover the choices vintage CEO right here, Avi Chesed right here: He is a nicely knows scammer inside the bills space linked to the choices relaxation of the choices group that serve the choices binary options rip-off industry:

Their CTO additionally looks as if a scammer, determined some human beings doing studies: ‘’IBM Research said Dir Nir Haloani doesn't exist and they claim he’s a CTO. The telegram organization pasted an editorial pointing to an IBM partnership: …. they stole this men name from Articoolo and spreading fake statistics. This is a multi million dollar rip-off with very effective people in the back of it. I was kicked out of the telegram group for spreading “FUD”. Their github seems plausible and that they have a combination of faux and actual people running there. They will attend a random conference right here and there just to pose as reputable.’’

Now that is a few right fucking DYOR.

I can't stress it sufficient: DYOR earlier than now not after funding.

Wow!! Thank you for writing all this! I actually have for months looking to convince people (mainly in the Greek Crypto community- wherein for a few reason COTI is extremely popular) that COTI is as a minimum shady if not a scam, which led to more than one bans and been downvoted into oblivion before they get rid of my authentic publish.

I even have no longer accomplished too much research however some of the team individuals seem linked to binary options scam, and thats a strict NO NO for me.

You can credibly prove that the identical Samuel Falcon is mentioned across each COTI and a few binary option scam websites

A overview through Samuel Falcon, COTI’s co-founder and Paywize’s Chief Revenue Office

This Samuel Falcom become erstwhile CEO of every other scamming agency

OneTwoTrade's business evolution and what will constantly set us other than other binary options carriers within the enterprise,” stated Samuel Falcon, the company's Chief Operating Officer.

This OneTwoTrade changed into then banned and indicted for numerous frauds. longer-deal-with/one–trade

Do now not address this enterprise as it is unlicensed in Australia

Hong Kong's SFC has issued a caution against binary options dealer One Two Trade and flagged a similarly suspicious internet site.

Unless its two extraordinary Samuel Falcon's , wherein case OP has additionally furnished a tweet photo of the Coti founders and binary choice scammers collectively in a photograph

Fucking smashed em mate, you like to see it. Thank you for doing all this paintings.

This isn’t always most effective DYOR, that is a personal research at this point.

Everything factors to and them being an extended-going for walks scam syndicate. This “Nir Haloani” character appeared to be non-existent; although they claim to use a pseudonym for that individual, things only get fishier from here.

One very last nail to the coffin could be to invite a coder from GitHub (?) to audit their codes… See whether the choices tech's respectable or simply reproduction-paste.

Props to you for undertaking this research. I'll see if I can dig up any dirt on them. This is an extremely problematic rip-off even though… Can't assist being impressed through the amount of attempt to look reputable. They have been 10-yr lengthy strolling scammers although, perhaps picked some hints right here and there to open up a business. Too bad, it had to be a rip-off.

MAN!!! I'm going to study all of this after work. I became going to place cash on this. The horrifying component, I located out these days that a Cardano hardcore citing that COTI is partnering with Cardano and I found an editorial on medium in 2019 or something pointing out that COTI is running with Cardano. Can a person educate me if Cardano is within the identical degree of shadyness?

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COTI is a scam that even lies approximately their partnerships

According to coti they’re partnered with apple pay ( see this – – Before the 2 COTI sockpuppet accounts claim its a media file, the truth is that each one the choices media statement is given by means of Coti team to these 2 bit crypto journalist web sites. COTI isnt a billion greenback enterprise that media might automatically write tales approximately, specifically approximately a nothingburger news like capacity to shop for through simplex

I don’t forget this because I even were given a notification on delta app that “Coti is partnered with Apple Pay”. This seemed big so I did a chunk of digging, when in reality I determined out they have included Simplex or some charge choice that accepts Apple Pay

What a fucking funny story

These form of shady ass tasks ought to be on a crypto wide blacklist.

Whats worse is this scam wishes a KYC simply to open a pockets. LOL can you agree with that. And all the validator are selected by means of the choices COTI team. Its worse than EOS, Ripple all put together. Disgusting little shitcoin.

however from the screenshot you just published, it’s miles that claimed that they partnered with Apple, not COTI team itself.

I checked their twitter and relaxation of the choices websites, they never claimed that they PARTNERED, there’s handiest information, that you could buy COTI of their COTI Wallet with Apple Pay, not anything extra… or I am lacking a few information?

Sooo…. how it’s far “COTI claimed they partnered”?

They are partnered with Apple pay though. You can buy COTI with your apple pay app in your iphone.

Seems human beings are forgetting about Dafabet too. Or Adapay and so forth. is a large commercial enterprise website that covers mainstream enterprise information. COTI team feeds information to those internet site thru aggregators.

If you examine the choices article, it’s far sourced from another internet site

COTI simply announced its new partnership with Apple Pay. This manner that buying COTI just got less complicated for iPhone users. COTI made the choices report after Simplex delivered Apple Pay to its fee strategies.

Do you believe you studied large web sites study each shitcoin's medium posts to find their articles? Especially approximately having the ability to buy a shitcoin through simplex and run it as a huge tale?

When massive organizations are making an investment billions into bitcoin and making information, crypto news websites will publish a large tale about being able to shop for a shitcoin via simplex? LOL

Anyone with remotely a clue of how media is aware of that its the choices initiatives/businesses that send out press releases to media publications.

COTI lied in its press releases to those media homes, thats how this story were given out

If COTI become so moral as you declare, they would have introduced that there has been no such partnership.

But no , they may be a gaggle of mendacity scumbags

Can confirm: labored as marketing supervisor for an ICO and placed articles in Investing, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and greater.

They don't take a look at statistics if you gon' fax cheques.

I am not claiming they are ethical, however if commercial enterprise wants to be successfull I dont suppose being moral all of the time is a good option.

If making an investment and forbes or other web sites dont do reality tests, and they’re existing handiest due to ads, and clicks through click baits, then why might all and sundry care to simply write something this is accurate?

That made them probably loads of cash thru clicks and reads – thats how media works. There are masses of clickbaits associated shares on marketplace too, thats how it’s far on the choices real phrase proper now.

If my business enterprise would get lots of attention by using a few other news and it accelerated my price – who might care? Would you try and get in contact with them and tell them to replace a few information even though it gave you tens of millions of dollars? lol.

I simply checked a number of men right here posting and shitting on COTI, most of them are NANO fanboys, and one of fellows here even is asking all the time “HOW TO BECOME NANO COMMUNITY MANAGER” – lol, critically.

Even posting XRP FUD submit right here today the way it's a shitcoin and all that nonsence. Feels like I'm studying some thing that an insulted young adults wrote.

“My coin is better than yours”

Thank you for doing this enourmous amount of research. Really thank you. I will stay the fuck faraway from this coin.

I virtually had a few assist with someone on Telegram who become additionally banned from the Coti telegram group for asking questions

Lmao post removed. Dude became just butt harm

Lol @NANO now not being listed as having immediate transactions. Is 0.three seconds now not sufficient for those guys? 😂

Nano additionally has simple UI and decentralized consensus, so that's three straight up lies.

Also the entire fiat/crypto support column is a bullshit component to rank a crypto on. Of course a crypto isn't going to have fiat aid – it's a nonsense query initially.

Yeah this smells very awful. Like a nicely fermented can of surströmming poured over aged milk

Mmmm surströmming, a few new almond potatoes, butter, sour cream, dill and onion i a flatbread roll.

A few hits of akvavit as nicely.. fuuuuuck yeah!

Also, announcing IOTA is decentralized whilst Nano isn’t always… IOTA actually nevertheless has a “critical coordinator”.

Did those men even do their homework….

They did their homework on the way to scam people

they definitely didn't because it's not running that well lmao

If you observe COTI they have stolen block lattice and. different stuff from Nano

Its basically NANO however to mitigate spam they provide “score” to accounts and exceedingly rated debts can transact more whilst low rated bills spamming transactions gets censored via the network

To even run a COTI node and get rewards, you need to be manually authorised by means of the choices COTI crew. Totally centralised rubbish.

Why this has any fee is beyond me

I trust maximum your points however there's no such factor as “stealing block lattice”. Do you accuse NANO of stealing blockchain from BTC?

These are open supply technologies. They can't be stolen.

Yeah, I don't maintain any of those, however I'm now not sure how you may have quicker crypto transactions than nano.

Also, a number of the opposite ratings make no sense. Credit card is instantaneous however no longer low cost? From consumer facet it’s miles near instantaneous, but takes days to accept sellers. Also for buyers it’s far low price, or even a internet bad with coins returned, the choices value is for sellers. Like they switched views to present the ratings.

Lol I noticed that too

It's a quite intricate rip-off if it has fooled Cardano and Singapore's Central Bank into partnering with them.

Exactly. They literally evolved ADApay lol

did they truly accomplice with Cardano although?

can anyone from Cardano verify this? (preferably now not from a forum)

is there any point out of Coti from the Singapore Central Bank?

due to the fact all I see is PR articles driven from Coti

it's mad shady that the subreddit is locked and that handiest the mod can submit

once more, thank you for all of the downvotes Coti shills

Dude. They launched AdaPay for Cardano lower back in 2019. Have you done any research in any respect?

Also they by no means “claimed” partnership with Apple. They advertised that you may now buy coti with Apple pay. They claimed a partnership with simplex even though. Also in case you actually need to dig Forbes did a pretty prolonged article on COTI in 2018, look into the choices article. Get this FUD out of right here.

Whoever bumped off their bags look surely dumb rn

Sometimes these markets make no feel.

This guys had a actual difficult on for COTI the remaining 7 days or so

Yeah, he's additionally an investor in a direct competitor. Seems like excellent intentions.

yeah i don't like projects that lie about other projects and neither have to you

they actually shat on BTC, ETH, NANO, IOTA to sell themselves, all based totally on lies

“but price is mooning”

Dogecoin, created as a shaggy dog story, has a $6.3b market cap. Stop pretending like crypto expenses make any feel.

Doge has been around for 8 years or so.

just looked at it and it has moved from zero.11 to zero.forty inside the ultimate 30 days, so perhaps you must have listened on your buddy. Just sayin'.

OP is simply upset it’s miles going up while Nano corrects, That's all.

Lmao. Someone is salty they didn't get in

I feel uncomfortable seeing how easy it’s far to attack a whole crypto's popularity on Reddit – with humans blindly believing every word – just after its latest fulfillment to spread fear and doubts approximately the entire project. I don't recognize what is authentic or not but I hope that you recognize what you are doing and are not simply spreading FUD because you are dissatisfied for being banned from their TG organization.

i was banned for asking a question, i asked for proof of tx velocity and become advised that i was spreading FUD

OP I'm afraid you have an excessive amount of of a vested hobby to be trusted

good enough so don't consider me, consider the choices information

Coti claims to be faster than Nano. show it

Coti claims to be decentralized. show it

Where does COTI claim to be decentralized? Aside from the choices photograph that become eliminated from their twitter, which we all agree is inaccurate.

so you admit that Coti… a. is centralized b. doesn't hae zero to low prices c. isn’t instant

it might be tremendous if the choices Coti group could come out and cope with their lies and deceptive claims

They never claimed to be decentralized proper now. I'm struggling to recognize wherein you pulled that from. Was it the tweet that they removed? It changed into eliminated for a purpose

It had low expenses after they made that declare. COTI, at the choices time, turned into a penny. Obviously now it's really worth more, and it is able to be addressed.

It's a DAG. It's approximately as instantaneous as every other DAG.

I'd like you to move beforehand and address your lies and misleading claims as well.

No you have been no longer banned for asking a query, you had been banned for harassing the choices admins who did now not straight away spoke back for your question the choices way you preferred. You overlooked all remarks and persisted bashing only to make a factor for use later.

Dispicable approaches. Instead of being scared of COTI as a NANO shill you might better focus on promoting NANO and explaining why it’s far a exquisite challenge alternatively then bashing perceived competition with fabricated “proof”

2. Coti claims “zero to low prices”, – truth, coti fees are as excessive as 25 Coti. When the price of Coti reaches $2. that's a $50 fee – better than BTC and eth blended

Coti runs on three mainnets. With native token, prices are genuinely small. Almost negligible. What you are announcing here is when transfering ERC-20 COTI, wherein you pay gas charges like with every ETH transaction. Seems such as you fail to understand the choices basic concept.

Read his put up history. He devotes his existence to FUDing COTI and is a NANObot. No marvel.

Yeah, this is just awful and sad. Why could each person commit so much time to nonsence and FUD is past me.

Thanks OP. Just offered all my Nano.

Talking about misleading thats exactly what this put up is:

The authentic apple pay declaration sincerely states: “Simplex has introduced Apple Pay to their payment methods, because of this you could now buy COTI with Apple Pay at checkout.” How is that deceptive? See:

You speak about the IBM researcher and how he doesn't exist and stole a name, What?? The linkedin of the choices guy is public and you could actually see his paintings history (along with) IBM and the numerous patents he has filed over the years:

COTI has many partnership within the crypto area with straightforward and precious parties. You really think they haven't all finished their right due diligence before partnering up? (Cardano, DAG, Orion protocol etc.)

In 2020 COTI launched a completely new DEFI mission known as with GOVI as governance token, this goes to reveal that they’re absolutely innovating in the space and no longer just “stealing” from other tasks.

Any other of your questions may be spoke back but you don't seem to be willing to pay attention to it.

Apart from reproduction-pasting the equal submit to more than one subreddits,90% of his posts are about Nano (and sure, they may be shills). Some examples:

And sure, I aid Nano.

I desire all could be impartial in their responses. His proof is fabricated proof and has been discredited before by way of when his fudding predesessors published the equal. I don't understand why he thinks discrediting one assignment because he thinks it’s miles a competitor of NANO is a superb thing.

If crypto groups might work hand in hand to promote crypto, all initiatives might advantage. This FUD article will go away a horrific taste approximately each COTI and NANO that’s the most important loss in my view

My understanding of crypto is just too constrained to evaluate crypto's generation and capability applications (whether they're amazing, common or terrible). That's why I try to recognition on discovering people who write/communicate approximately them. In the choices OP's case – the studies become fantastic rapid and easy and pretty lots conclusive.

The handiest element I see taking place inside the original submit is that COTI has a better advertising team than the choices competition. Marketing subjects.

Oh wow no shit.. that's shady AF massive supporter of the direct competition even attempted to become a network manager of said opposition, perhaps a success maybe no longer?

OP is a criminal

I will admit that I like Nano, I also like IOTA,

I don't see how that has anything to do with the reality that Coti has placed out effortlessly refutable lies by using claiming to be

decentralized – whilst it calls for KYC and hand-selections the choices “decentralized jury” low costs – while node operators can set their personal fees on the spot – once they havent been able to prove their transaction velocity

i was truly interested in Coti after studying these kind of lies, but when I asked questions for evidence of the choices transaction velocity, and the way to join the choices “decentralized jury”, I turned into banned from the telegram group

so while I can be a fan of IOTA and Nano, i don't see how that has anything to do with the choices truth that those guys are putting out instantly up lies

This one is a doozy.

What is bad if he sets up nano spots? He literally offers nano free of charge .. What does this have in not unusual with this subject matter absolutely?

Why dont you address the choices crew's involvement in binary options scam, which was then banned across Isreal and the world over too?

A evaluate via Samuel Falcon, COTI’s co-founder and Paywize’s Chief Revenue Office

This Samuel Falcom turned into erstwhile CEO of any other scamming corporation and selling-300148573.html

OneTwoTrade's business evolution and what will usually set us other than other binary options providers inside the enterprise,” said Samuel Falcon, the choices organisation's Chief Operating Officer.

This OneTwoTrade was then banned and indicted for numerous frauds. to-not-deal-with/one-two-change

Do now not cope with this commercial enterprise as it’s miles unlicensed in Australia exchange/regulation/sfc-warns-investors-one-two-trade-binary-options-issuer/

Hong Kong's SFC has issued a caution towards binary options broking One Two Trade and flagged a further suspicious website.

Have you all taken into consideration that maybe OP is inaccurate or is all and sundry simply blindly believing each phrase a random redditor tells you?

COTI has been working for years partnering up with large names (Cardano, DAG, Orion) and releasing innovative products (like

The photograph has been used as the base of this fud at the same time as this photograph originates from 2018 and was deleted everywhere as it indeed is outdated. this feels very just like an attack from the NANO network that is butthurt about the choices fee overall performance of COTI

Anyone that believes that is ignorant. OP is a hardcore NANO network member. His post history is filled with FUDing COTI. He didn't even reveal he is an investor in an immediate competitor.

“Coti claims to have immediate transactions”

There's a evaluation of the choices transaction speed with Bitcoin on this video right here. It's now not “instantaneous”, but it's much less than a minute

With success comes FUD. With quite a few fulfillment, comes more FUD! We believe our network to look that this FUD is Fake.

Yup, additionally the same day coti futures was launched. Probably a coordinated try to short it

Looking at op profile seems like he himself is shady. Posted posts just like this on other forums that aren’t even coti related and became BANNED. Seems like he’s spamming

Earlier today an intensive put up about COTI turned into made by using u/RedemptionSaysNo , making numerous claims approximately COTI mendacity and being shady.

It's unlucky that one person can assault a whole crypto's reputation in a Reddit publish even as many redditors simply upvote it, blindly believing every phrase. This may be very poisonous behaviour and have to not be what this subreddit is set (we’ve visible it before with different projects)

The important fud publish has now been addressed by the choices COTI crew, debunking the factors, see:

The comply with up fud about an involvement in binary options scam is clearly antique fud which were addressed again in 2019. Here a response:

This FUD got here up in September 2019 and become addressed properly.

Then there may be also talk approximately the choices IBM researcher Nir Haloani and the way he doesn't exist and COTI stile his name. This is absolutely fake, the Linkedin page of him is virtually public wherein his work records including IBM and COTI and the many patents he has filed over the years can be observed:

COTI has been operating due to the fact that 2018 and have been innovating inside the crypto space while partnering up with big names like Cardano, DAG, FTM and lately Orion protocol. COTI is running closely with Cardano on one of the first DAPPs in an effort to be launched quickly for the choices Shelley mainnet known as AdaPay, see a PoC right here:

Cardano has additionally addressed their partnership several times: means of-cardano-basis-and-coti-is-now-live/28618

Last 12 months COTI launched an thrilling new DeFi product called the crypto volatility index or this goes to expose that they’re actively worried and innovating in this space and now not simply “copy pasting” code.

I wish this publish clears the choices air and thank you for taking the time to study this.

Here it’s far once more:

Ppl the choices dude is a random unreputable poster that has had all his claims debunked now and turns a blind eye to proof that rejects his claims

Exactly. Look in their network chats. They are linking this put up and saying to upvote it lmao.

Nano has such a weird network round it

Wow… that is a low blow for this nano maxi

I think its time to delete this put up op, your FUD attempts didnt paintings

This guy gooes round on ten extraordinary subreddits and posts this shit, *yawn* kill these FUDDERS

I surprise why this competitor Nano that op boast a lot approximately dropped from $37 in 2018 to $5 now 🧐

This man is only a few nano shill who became borderline abusive to the crew on telegram (actual motive he changed into banned). Why this sub reddit believes this crap is beyond me.

Why the choices mods permit false data like this to stay up and be blindly upvoted simply because he wrote a bunch of phrases is past me.

Am I the handiest person who never heard of Coti till now? Opps

Right there with you bud. Just grabbed some popcorn and scrolling through this shit show of a thread now.

Haha publish become eliminated. About time. Most of the choices arguments ended with “nicely nano is better”. Who cares, that's not a cause to discredit different tasks by using exacerbating things which can be barely even problems into important troubles. It became actually FUD and now not a legitimate caution approximately some thing seriously wrong with the mission. I don't own any coti or nano however I know which one i'm sincerely no longer shopping for within the destiny

Don't consider anything this man says. Most of his articles are seriously outdated and don’t have any truth basis in them or sketchy web sites. He additionally does now not expose that he is an investor in a right away competitor to COTI.

He has malicious cause and is handiest looking to FUD once the rate started to head up. Just study his post history.

As for the prices, for the reason that he's literally too ignorant to even do studies. All you need to do is look at the blockchain explorer. with/51dbd2feecb8c9e3b5c88129da88156d738d00d57bf4524cc780221c4e414ffc9372b00ad7d75679032d928776b044d40d5febb783d8ac9b241b7c0b1cad77de9b699c23

I'm sorry, purchase that is absurd. Others have properly blocked your FUD.

i don't get it. if all of the Coti shills are announcing this is fud, then simply prpve the transaction velocity. jeez

And again your credibility is even decrease whilst you delete stuff in preference to admit you're incorrect.

The co-founder of ETHEREUM literally partners with them on cardano. This is his words not a few bs article


The op actually is actually invested in coti competitor. And watch them downvote this even though there’s genuine proof. Smh

Does it really make sense that a founding father of ethereum that went on to create cardano is part of a scam?

Projects are shitting on other initiatives all the time. That's referred to as opposition.

Too terrible customers are definitely biting in this FUD. But there’ll continually be sheep. OP appears desperately to get up in nano comunity rating, as others have mentioned, and these FUDsters have apparently been given duties, by means of a pacesetter or what not, to shit on rival mission, so that they show themselves worth of reputation. Much like terrorists.

Every mission has a spot to spread FUD. Don't fall for it, humans.

Exactly. There may be opposition however don’t unfold lies and rumors just to win the struggle

lmao almost dumped my baggage earlier than I saw nani all over your profile and hyperlinks in this publish on every subreddit😂😂 anon ought to've ignored the choices educate, anyhow, this fud is uber bullish lemme loose up a few coins and add to my comfortable COTI stack😊

So the choices co founder of ethereum and founding father of cardano is in on the choices rip-off too huh 😂. Anyone ever assume why this man is posting this as soon as coti starts offevolved to rally. And isn’t it weird that he’s actually a huge fan of nano which competes with coti

Charles Hoskinson’s (co-founder of ethereum)tweet pronouncing coti is operating with them to broaden adapay –

Not to say COTI is also building fee structures on Fantom. Has a economic institution license in Singapore. Has a license Debit Card and may be receiving more financial licenses quickly.

They're additionally subsidized by using a couple of American Investment corporations. Anyone that falls for this FUD merits to overlook out tbh.

Yea just let them. Sad to peer, however people are sheep and agree with some thing. That’s simply how psychology works I bet haha

You guys actually need to no longer agree with the whole lot random human beings say on the choices net and showing old ass articles and images that were as soon as actual but had been corrected through coti themselves.

I’m sure the choices ethereum co founder has performed his research into this organization to even permit them to build a paying machine for his token cardano. Like that is COMMONSENSE..

Another point: He says he become banned from coti telegram for “sincerely” soliciting for evidence of immediate transactions and what no longer. Read the choices language and tone of this man’s post. Do you REALLY assume he just joined in the chat and asked respectfully for proof I’m this chat. He actually was HARASSING participants and forcefully false claiming the way it’s a rip-off within the chat, so setting two and two collectively suggests that the dude was just being obnoxious and were given banned through the mods of the choices chat.

Just wanted to convey for your attention a challenge referred to as Coti which has been lying and misleading investors from the begin.

A friend of mine shilled me this token approximately a month in the past and I seemed into it and located numerous inconsistencies in their advertising, misleading statements and so on.

For example: The Coti crew had created this image showing Coti vs other Coins. They claimed that they have got a decentralized consensus mechanism while different cash didn't. They claimed to be faster than different coins as nicely. Upon asking them for evidence of tx speed in their TG group, i used to be banned at once.

I'm presently a testnet operator and it takes less than a 2nd to be displayed on the choices chain (DAG based chain) and round forty five seconds on common to be showed, this could no longer be as rapid as NANO (Not a blockchain, does no longer have a chief chain) however it really is extra sincere that it takes a piece greater time to engage with the principle chain.

Secondly, they claim if you want to offer “chargebacks” by way of way of a decentralized jury which can make selections on buyer vs service provider issues. When I emailed the choices group about how to become this type of jurors, they claimed that Jury Selection changed into done by the Coti Team, to which I replied “so how is that decentralized?”, and in no way got a reaction.

Similar to different mainstream projects (Chainlink as an instance), some of their functions are currently in a centralized section in order for them to expand and take a look at their functions so as to avoid having a entire irreversible catastrophe that they have got no manage of. This is general procedure in crypto during development and great manipulate testing.

Thirdly, they claim to have “0-to-low costs”, but upon speaking to a Coti node operator, I learned that nodes are capable of set any costs they like on transactions. So how does that make it a zero-to-low fee device?

Too many element's do now not add up in any respect, and upon calling out the choices Coti Team on Twitter – they do now not respond. The CEO – does no longer reply. Telegram institution banned me for asking questions.

Currently, COTI's node operators have a widespread rate set throughout all nodes that scale in accordance to the quantity of COTI being transferred from .01 to twenty-five COTI; That's what zero-to-low price approach mate.

Fourthly, they claimed that they “Integrated with Apple”, whereas in truth, Simplex (a platform that supports 100s of cryptocurrencies which include Coti – included with Apple). Yet there are alternatives loads of paid marketers on Reddit and Twitter announcing that Coti and Apple have partnered up.

COTI's reliable release article absolutely states that that is finished through Simplex, So I'm now not sure what you suggest. So what “paid marketers” could do this?

In conclusion, that is primary FUD

EDIT: Typos and redundancy removal.

right here is the tweet from the node operator who says he is capable of set his very own costs

Like I explained mate, the choices modern-day charges have been for a long time between .01 to twenty-five COTI. That very equal tweet from GeordieR explains that it was the choices case that you could set your personal charges but this is no longer the case due to the choices race to the bottom pricing wars. Reading comprehension mate….

can you please give an explanation for how a price of zero.1 to 25 Coti (Which fluctuates in fee) is the same as having “zero to low prices” that’s what Coti claims? reading comprehension indeed

I already did, I don't see the want in going to excessive info to an uncovered NANO shill that began FUDDING the choices moment COTI pumped.

you sincerely didn't

you're announcing that 25 Coti is a “low to 0 price”

whilst the rate of coti goes to 1 or 2 bucks, is $50 considered a “low to zero charge”? that's better than the choices tx price of each BTC and ETH mixed

2 month antique account, precisely what I'm speakme about

edit: i used to be stressed via the choices flair which confirmed 2 months old

i would really like to discuss you on this, can you please deal with the under as I'm interested to hear your thoughts as a node operator

is coti…. decentralized – whilst it calls for KYC and hand-selections the choices “decentralized jury” low expenses – whilst node operators can set their very own prices instant – once they havent been capable of prove their transaction speed

would love in case you /u/ceroprime could address those three points

also – why did those node operator say he is capable of set his very own costs?

and subsequently, why the choices hell is the /r/cotinetwork subbed controlled and only permitting posts from mods?

This is a two year account mate, you can effortlessly click on on my name and spot for yourself. That begs the query, do you confirm something earlier than you provide your opinion?

Not to take sides on the choices subject matter of Coti being legitimate or not, but OP were given rekt with this reply

What a well notion out and smart rebuttle, proper task

Wow what a response 👏 this is not how an argument works

I consider you asking questions about transaction speed within the Telegram institution. You were not banned because of asking question but due to how you requested them… Pushy, impatient and posing statements as information if you want to get reactions.

As a Node operator myself I can let you know that Node operators can not set fee's (at least no longer but) the costs are flat over all nodes in the mean time, so don't recognize which node operator you talked to, however in case you did indeed communicate to at least one, they can’t have told you that nodes can set the choices charges themselves.

Concerning included with Apple, if you read COTI's authentic statement, you can examine that they in reality stated that thru simplex's connection with Apple pay, customers are now capable to shop for COTI through Apple pay. Nothing extra, not anything much less. There is not any citing of a partnership inside the legitimate verbal exchange.

The partnership with ORN even though is a real partnership and it must be a affirmation of the strong basis of COTI.

As a focused FUD piece that is very badly written and also you can’t get reactions from the choices supply COTI in case you method them in such an abusive way.

Try again and please use some real assets and some better researched data than simply hearsay from Anonymous sources

1 month antique account lol

i asked in the TG group how to test the choices transaction speed? no solution.

i requested inside the TG institution learn how to become a “juror” as part of the “Decentralized Jury” on the choices TrustChain – i used to be informed that the jury selection procedure changed into centralized – to which i then thought…so how is that a decentralized Jury?

When I requested how I could test tx pace as I changed into intrigued that it claimed to be faster than Nano, i was informed to “forestall spreading FUD”.

then, i was banned.

It's very simple, you guys claim to have Tx Speed this is immediate. So prove it? I'm not positive approximately Iota, but you could take a look at Nano's speed right right here

So display me wherein we will all take a look at Coti's speed?

Hundreds of paid shills on twitter and reddit posting about “Coti has partnered with Apple”

This is only a few of the hundreds of red flags.

The node operator I spoke to turned into

if it wasn't a rip-off, why is the Coti subreddit locked? why can most effective permitted posts be posted? what are they scared of?

edit, thanks for all the downvotes Coti shills

Your checking talents are legendary as my account if more than 2 years antique. Just came again from study simplest to deal with your blatant lies

Seriously what a bunch of scummy pricks. Thanks for bringing this to mild for all and sundry.

Here's COTI's response to all this Baseless FUD by using a NANO shiller:

I admire the choices heads up on their shadiness. Was shilled them and was beginning to recall looking into it. This stored some searches. 🙂

Was without a doubt searching ahead to making an investment in this coin but in spite of everything this im just going to stay faraway from it. I dont know who to accept as true with right here. But one aspect i realize for a truth is that low marketplace caps are risky on this space. So thats enough for me. Fud or no longer.

Just understand this submit was removed for spreading false info.

Really that's why it was eliminated?? Good

Completely Agree. I additionally had a longer discussion within the Telegram Group due to a medium article they wrote, wherein they claimed that IOTA did not scale as well as coti, at the same time as evaluating present day iota tps and the coti tps that had been promised for the choices destiny.

The decentralization factor is honestly terrible. They declare to be decentralized but completely follow AML rules and are able to censor transactions from decided on wallets to implement the choices AML guidelines of countries. After admitting to this form of centralization the Team attempted to promote it to me as a function.

Definetly shady advertising techniques, tricking noob buyers with buzzwords like “greater decentralized” “unlimited scaling” and “even governments will love it” without being able to even provide an explanation for how this is going collectively, at the same time as at the choices identical time speaking shit about other initiatives, genuinely misinterpreting on cause what is known about them.

COTI's reaction to this FUD

This is reputable coordinated FUD with the aid of the NANObot community. Even in their discords and telegrams they’re announcing to upvote this.

Especially conduct like that on Telegram / Reddit says lots. No assignment is best, quite sad if you cant well known that

Nice coordinated fud. So u neglected the choices boat, huh? Lol

high-quality way to dismiss all my factors and scream “FUD”

Lol I accept as true with a couple of humans have greater than clarified your points but you just maintain screaming “muh picture”

in reality they haven't

except you’re announcing that a couple of people are announcing that Coti is centralized, which is the truth on account that they decide who gets to be on the “dEcEnTrAlIzeD jUry”

Bro you can’t even click on someone’s profile to look account age

Alright I made a mistake, does that imply that Coti didn't lie?

I don't see how that has whatever to do with the reality that Coti has placed out without difficulty refutable lies by way of claiming to be

decentralized – while it calls for KYC and hand-picks the choices “decentralized jury” low costs – while node operators can set their personal fees immediately – once they havent been capable of show their transaction pace

i was simply interested in Coti after analyzing these types of lies, however when I asked questions for evidence of the choices transaction pace, and how to join the choices “decentralized jury”, I changed into banned from the choices telegram institution

Hmmm, I wonder if we are able to assume a FUD piece on CHZ subsequent?

Guys, all and sundry who is smart sufficient to really look into this poster and his preceding posts. This is coordinated FUD by means of a hardcore NANO community member(NANO is a competitor). His put up records is devoted to FUDing COTI. He is manipulating diverse records approximately COTI to make the choices corporation appearance malicious.

No doubt this is being upvoted with the aid of NANObots.


Me: I like Coti

r/cryptocurrency: Coti is shit

i fell in to this lure shopping for in once more!

Lyning to customers/investors and still mooning? I would live away my buddy

I guess the choices charge goes up on natural hype. Gonna crash hard in the end. Thanks for the choices caution!

Appreciate the choices put up, im out now

What a huge fud

Thank you for sharing your research and revel in, that is valuable!!!!

I was starting to looking into it and I'm satisfied I discovered your publish!! Don't listen to the choices fanboys and thanks once more for sharing!!!

The images you related is the best red flag you want to bail a undertaking.

“Low cost” isn’t always a perk. It simply is going to show that the choices community is a ghost city and will probably live that way.

“Simple consumer interface” is a subjective thing.

“Fiat and crypto support” …. What??? How do you count on Bitcoin to aid fiat?

“on the spot transactions” A very overrated metric as it nearly always comes with safety problems and loopholes. If it became that smooth to clear up BTC and ETH would implement it considering that day one.

Just run far from new “assignment” that examine them to the choices big guys.

Scams pump the choices toughest, it's a story as antique as time in crypto.

Well that is telling..

ad hominem attacks as opposed to addressing his factors, stylish

All centralized initiatives like COTI will die off no matter what partnerships they’ve. The usecases for public blockchains is trust minimization and decentralization. If it doesn´t have that, then it’s far vain.

It caught my eye. Thanks for this post – want to do some greater studies. FOMO ing in is not continually the smartest idea…

Sounds like a “onecoin” scam!

The employer could be pumping it themselves to sucker humans in.

seen it encouraged by means of some very famous crypto youtuber due to the fact they have tons of events and releases arising at the quit of March and June despite the fact that by way of the choices looks of this research it can in reality be a scam. Could also be paying youtubers to shill their coin on the choices facet and nobody would recognize



Ahhh, the antique “double-bluff shill”… /s

lololol thanks for the choices snigger 😀 this is some remarkable way to make a idiot of your self… labored high-quality haha.

You mean that tokens with incorrect information to their buyers with masses of lies and bad actual basics honestly moon because humans dont even studies about the choices cash theyre shopping for?

Upvoted for visibility though, you did a exceptional job.

Great post OP! It's obv a huge shitcoin and it’s going to in no way have any non-speculative price, because no one desires this shitty product and nobody goes to undertake it. Maybe the coin can trip the bull marketplace wave a bit longer, but it's obv going to crash difficult ultimately. I've researched it some time in the past and obv determined not to buy. But lots of retail crypto investors are grasping and too lazy to do studies.

Thank you for penning this! Coti was in my tick list. Now I dont lose time for this shit.

Very suspicious downvoting from valid points about this being a scam, similarly implying that this probable is.

And now you’re giving it insurance.

I keep a few COTI from 2017 for a few reason so I don't mind the price going up, however customer-vendor safety on a “cryptocurrency” is hilarious.

coti team be dumping their baggage now. lol

Op asked for evidence from the choices nano subreddit that Nano was NOT absolutely immediate in transactions based totally on 2018 coti picture.


*clearly the choices put up changed into from only a 12 months ago

you showing a reddit put up of a person shifting from an exchange right into a wallet indicates that you don't know how Nano works

i gave you the choices hyperlink to the transaction explorer, sense unfastened to expose me that transactions weren't instantaneous

Before pump, crickets. After pump, tHis pRojEcT iS A sCAm n i'LL PoST ETT evERYWhERE

Speaks volume about your intent.

my motive is to allow different humans recognise about this shady ass challenge

2 month old account btw, precisely what I'm speaking about after I say paid shills

edit, thanks for all the downvotes Coti shills

So is your reaction to all people who says something to refute you -you’re all shills-

You are a nanobot

pretty peculiar that it's all from new debts no?

I downvoted you, I don't have a new account. Also I wouldn't say an account that has been around for over a month is new

There is some sus downvoting happening right here…

the Coti brigade has arrived

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