Pi node latest version

pi node latest version

In this my article, you put in node js and npm state-of-the-art model on your raspi 4

Hey Everyone, my call is Rajdeep Singh. I’m a Frontend developer in India. you are interested to put in npm and node.js state-of-the-art model to your raspberry pi 4. Now you’re proper vicinity.

Now observe those steps.

pi node latest

Update & Upgrade your Pi

fastly replace your raspi 4 the usage of replace commands

after the update command, you run the choices upgrade command to upgrade your Raspi package deal.

ARM Version:

Now you take a look at your raspi 4 arm architecture. in order that we set up node js and npm in keeping with your arm architecture.

Check ARM architecture use the following command.

Currently in my Raspberry armv7l Architecture in your case can be exclusive.

Go to Offical NodeJS:

Firstly goto node js respectable down load page.

Copy Link:

Once open node js download web page. then Right-click on on Linux Binaries (ARM) model and copy the choices link cope with.

Goto node js download web page and click to ARMV7 button. after few second you down load begin it.

My arm Architecture is armv7l. in order that, I reproduction ARMV7 Link Address. In Your case, your ARM Architecture armv81. so that you copy ARMV8 Link Address

Extract The File:

Once down load Completed now Extract your record. you’re extract documents by means of Raspbian File manager and secondly, use the choices tar command in step with your thoughts.

Your record appear like:

In my instance my record name:

if you face any blunders use Raspbian File manager to extract File.

Copy The Files Into The Directory:

run node js with any listing we want to duplicate all extracted documents into the “/usr/nearby” folder.

Your file appear to be:

Go to your extracted folder:

After getting into your folder then replica all files, we use the choices cp command. The “-R” flag is to signify to the choices program to replicate all of the files recursively, i.e encompass all files inside folders. “*” just way to copy the whole thing inside the folder.

Check Installation:

Now your Node js and npm efficiently Install you verify your node and npm model. the choices genuinely run the subsequent commands

All work pleasant, you notice node and npm version.

https://nodejs.org/en/down load/



pi node latest version

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