Nicehash miner or quickminer

nicehash miner or quickminer nicehash miner or quickminer

Hello all, just looking to discern out which one I should use? It is my know-how that the short miner received't work unless you have got a ntx 1060 6gb or better and I show up to have the choices 1060 6gb. I understand I received't be making big profitrs or something just trying to passively earn a little BTC while I sleep and such. So what are the differences and must I use brief miner or the everyday miner? I just don't completely understand the choices variations and the noob friendly nature of first-class hash is what pastimes me about it the most.

Please notice that NiceHash QuickMiner remains within the experimental segment and could get upgrades all the time! Everyone fascinated, please read our professional press release and provide it a try: up/introducing-nicehash-quickminer

Quick miner doesn’t appear to paintings with gtx cards, best rtx.

Edit: it really works with GTX, however doesn’t do the car track from what I can tell.

It basically puts a +800 on reminiscence clock and decreses power restriction to 60% or so. You can do it yourself, no want for some thing else, absolutely

I swapped to brief miner. Just for the simple truth after I close it to game (unmarried card just mining on the side) my gaming oc from afterburner takes effect. That's really worth the pennies distinction for me (3080 ftw3). Don't consider it too difficult, the distinction is minimal until you have a actual mining rig.

Noob miner right here, how do you put it up for trade your oc for your after burner one while you stop mining?

Is your electricity restriction set to 220 in NHQM ? Don't wanna be paying more strength for the identical hashrate on my RTX 3080, any idea man?

I simply hooked up quickminer. Seems to be doing a better process but I don't know for positive. Also, I'm no longer sure if my CPU works with this model. it says cpu mining is on but no longer seeing it as a worker. Have it off in the mean time, until I determine it out.

Nicehash quick miner is a rip off! It projects a miles higher income than 0.33 party miners however yields less than 1/2 of what it initiatives!

I tested NHQM with my miner rig (2×1060 6GB) and getting better hashrate with NHM so sticking with NHM for now. on my gaming rig though with 3060Ti, NHQM works as precise, maybe better than NHM so I moved it to NHQM

On my 1660ti I get 27-28 MH/S on NHM and 30-31 MH/S on NHQM so I’ve been the use of the short miner alternatively

With the car overclock feature?

I just like the simple fact that with NHQM I now not need to release afterburner or take a look at matters all the time. GUI is quality and all but what number of humans check on it anyway. My telephone or Web does a greater targeted process.

Across 2 x 1070’s. 1 x 2070 S and three x 3070. No problems.

^ This. If you're a casual miner, trouble unfastened operation is prime. Especially in case your mining box is also your gaming box.

Not having to manually set OC parameters every time you switch from mining to gaming is really worth any negligible drop in profitability IMO.

Money machine move brrrrrr

I’m simply using NH in the meanwhile however I’m going to attempt out NHQM over the choices weekend to peer any differences.

I just like the idea of lowering my costs but NH has the choices app which I want to tune

You can tune the fast miner on the choices equal app, it simply units it up like you’ve got another rig so you have a NiceHash rig and a brief miner rig


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