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Kek, did someone else received a mail from CoinMarketCap that there's a new earn hobby from GRT, which already happened like four months in the past? You can't even try this one anymore 🤣

Seriously, CMC has long past downhill lots because the previous few weeks.

Shit, simply stared right into a lamp and now the charts all appear crimson and spotty…

/puts on late night time coffee and tea for the choices room

Thanks, it's morning right here

Wrong day by day thread guys, hop directly to the new one.

Never, this become our day after all of the negativity. We'll groundhog this thread

Alright quite sure we are happening and I don't have the balls to promote and buy back in so I may certainly simply stake my eth. How lengthy does Coinbase preserve it for?

So, that's the element. It's staked till eth 2.0 is whole. No one is aware of how long that might be. Better to put it an interest yielding account. That manner you could get to it in case you want it

$DAG ripped me off via now not allowing overdue token change.. changed into bear market it turned into nugatory.. now it’s really worth 250k, they just block and ban me

how do i stake on coinbase? do i need to begin a vault?

Hello souls caught in the vintage daily

Bye bye. Hello new daily.

ahhh down we cross again sigh

Is it a very good time to make investments, or ought to we wait for every other drop soon?

Have you purchased any holdings already?

It’s so hard to time properly, your high-quality guess is to put money into chunks. We are at a decent stage in comparison to all time high

Gold then u/TranslatorHuge5423 despatched me moons, all and sundry right here is surely to type! All on day one fantastic!

There we’ve got it been some time on the grounds that i seen messages as those!

Like a bi-polar parent who sometimes takes their meds, this sub has its moments.

This is old every day dialogue

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