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So I signed up for Webull because I heard it’s drastically higher than RH.

The loss of instantaneous deposit for crypto is annoying and will be pricey.

But besides that, can more experienced Traders help me recognize the choices three price points for crypto

Midpoint is .48 with bid at. 4740 and buy at .4844

I put in a suggestion at .482 and it doesn’t buy till the choices buy limit drops to this

I put in a sell offer at .476 and it doesn’t promote until bid rises to this price

This is pretty traumatic and doesn’t make experience except it’s just low alternate quantity. Why am I not capable to buy inside the center.

If I’m providing above what other people are offering why am I no longer getting it? And if I’m promoting below what different human beings are promoting why can’t I promote some thing?

Basically why is there a one cent difference among purchase and sell and it’s not possible to do whatever in the middle?

From my experience with webull amd crypto, they err on the choices upside of the feasible swing gap on purchase and on the drawback whilst selling. I had a hell of a time getting my crypto sold when I wanted at the rate I desired. Like the opposite user counseled use a different platform for crypto. If you could get passed RH's shady shit inside the beyond they may be respectable I assume. Personally use other street for crypto and stick with stocks on webull. Just my .02.

Dude, I'm gonna be absolutely sincere with you, in case you look past the ability shadyness of the choices pros that run Robinhood, it's a much a whole lot better platform for buying and selling crypto than Webull is. IMO Webull is one of the WORST systems for trading crypto. You would be plenty better off using some thing like Coinbase,,, basically whatever else apart from webull.

The motive why, is because of exactly the issue you are experiencing. The crypto buying and selling volume may be very low on Webull, and the purchase and promote fees are always worse than they’re on other systems by using a good amount. Also, a chief point that any skilled crypto dealer will let you know is one of the most crucial elements of a alternate platform, on Webull you do NOT surely very own the crypto, you're basically buying an IOU from them, now not the choices real cash.

This is the choices way. Webull makes each buy/sale at a rate consisting of their charges, so it's at automatic loss two times. They're top for shares however crypto is ass. Robinhood (in case you're stuck using a stock brokerage app) cuts your buys or sales lots toward real charge. I'm now not positive the choices percent of fee they certainly take (Webull claims there's no charge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣) but check out the bid/ask for Bitcoin.

Coinbase doesn't have doge but… But Binance and crypto apps additionally have “level 2 statistics” for cryptos we will't see right here. Webull crypto= don't do it 👮

Yeah webull withdrawal is a pain you’ve got me brother

Why don't you just use Binance and/or coinbase to virtually buy crypto? They both do exactly what you’re asking to do?

Look that is what I do. Webull is for long term, those platforms are imparting you the choices price, not the choices actual coin. You can download a crypto app like Coinbase and very own your cash. Inside your pockets you could pass your cash relying on if they may be indexed in that alternate, to begin for me is one of the satisfactory

Hah, I asked the same component some weeks lower back, long tale quick – you grow to be down for some thing crypto you purchase off webull cause they bake in a far higher transaction fee than robinhood does. Webull is trash for crypto buying and selling….purpose unless you purchase massive amounts, and with the choices contemporary state of the choices markets, you start out too a ways down to make a lot until you intend on hodling for a long term.

It’s a manner for Webull to rate expenses with out pronouncing they fee charges.

If you're holding that a lot or for that lengthy, you don't want to use a platform in which you do no longer actually personal the asset. It could be like shopping for gold, however as opposed to being given the gold you are given an IOU announcing they owe you one gold. When sh!t hits the fan, do you surely assume you're gonna get your one gold?