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Looking for a very good loose Spanish-English dictionary online? Well, I even have finished the look for you, and I am happy to mention that there are alternatives some truly desirable unfastened Spanish dictionaries obtainable. But I didn’t only need to put in writing a listing of hyperlinks, I also wanted to answer a easy question: What is the choices great Spanish dictionary online?

To do that, I first found the 5 seven maximum famous on-line Spanish dictionaries (at least, in line with Google), and then I as compared them the use of the subsequent (technical, slang or clearly uncommon) Spanish phrases:

And right here are the choices effects. These are the choices maximum famous Spanish on-line dictionaries I discovered:

In this table I show how each of them carried out on translating the choices words:

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And the choices winner is…

It appears there may be a clear winner. SpanishDict has the best translation for 17 22 of the choices 18 23 words. In reality it also has a translation for the choices word fagocitar, which changed into “to engulf, to swallow up”, but it is not a precise translation and so I did not taken into consideration it correct (for the purposes of this contrast).

Update Oct-05-2012: Since the choices date whilst this article was first written (back in 2008), things has changed a piece. First, Google Translator doesn’t have a dictionary, as such, anymore. Now it has handiest one function: translate texts. It’s nevertheless viable to use it as a dictionary, but sometimes it is necessary to consist of a few “context” for it to decide the choices right translation. In any case, it truly has progressed lots due to the fact then. Second, now other precise dictionaries are also competing for the choices crown: and

So, I repeated the choices contrast which includes the 2 new contenders. Also, this time I gave 1/2 a factor to any end result that is not the suitable translation I become seeking out, but at the least could be of a few assist (like “to engulf, to swallow up”).

At first, the choices result changed into three dictionaries in a tie, so I decided to make things in reality hard. I added five new, surely difficult to understand, words. In truth, until today, I didn’t even recognise these existed: taray, zurumbático, pintiparar, protervia and taheño.

Well, guess what, the winner is, again, SpanishDict. In fact, it is the choices simplest one which have translations for each of the 5 new phrases. Pretty mind-blowing! 🙂

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I sense it worth mentioning but that Google translte is a “statistical system translation” and maintains to research.

A big incredible pc is fed lots of pages of translated parallel textual content and told to move figure. This explains why first of all it would have had extra difficulties with colloquial phrases, as within the beginning the choices textual content it become fed got here from UN documents.

It’s nevertheless in Beta however is now open to wiki fashion alterations. human beings advise their personal translations, it looks at them, lays down a few statistical evaluation and then makes a choice.

Interestingly a number of the choices words on your listing which it was getting wrong again in October it now seems to have learnt. 🙂

I favored your article .. Thanks for sharing ……

Perfect article. Just what I was seeking out; you saved me lots of legwork. Thanks!

However, I think the choices high-quality Spanish dictionary is the one of the RAE. These are Spanish-English dictionaries or translators.

Most preferred Spanish English dictionaries might no longer have a specalized phrase fagocitar, have to less a preceise transaltion for it. So you need to Spanishdict are smash. @Robin That’s why I like Google, it’s miles continuously improving.

By now, I would possibly add, Google Translate has brought all the above words to its widespread repertoire (besides for the vulgar which means of “concha”).

Hi, I want to add that SpanishDict is remarkably thorough, generating masses of sentence examples in a properly prepared way For each which means of a given word. I’m satisfied to peer it so high on your list.

Microsoft Translator (Bing Translate) is also precise. At instances, I discover it produces higher results than Google Translate, so I use both and evaluate them to every other. Like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator receives better over the years as people put new phrases and textual content into it, i.e. it’s miles a heuristic translation engine that learns.

If you include the choices boards on WordReference (which might be easily the most beneficial part of the website online), all of these can effortlessly be determined there. I think it’s unfair to now not include the boards, due to the fact they’re especially widespread and accurate. I clearly can’t remember the wide variety of times I’ve been not able to discover a word on SpanDict and gone to the WordReference boards and located it immediately.

Also, fagocitar has definitions, according to the RAE. The 2d definition is the one you determined on WordReference, so it ought to’ve obtained 18 out of 18. By the choices way, fagocitar has 3 separate threads in the WR forums, and both definitions are included, as well as a third use that is “to acquire (a smaller business enterprise)” in Spanish enterprise language.

In brief, I inform my students to apply WR, as it’s virtually the choices fine useful resource on the choices internet, and the forums are an absolute goldmine, because the majority of solutions are provided by way of bilingual native audio system. Seriously, I’ve NEVER been unable to discover a phrase on WR.

The Collins Dictionary based in England is outstanding and definitely professional. I even have used their English Dictionary for over 30 years and changed into happy to locate their on line dictionary these days.

Tureng is a new participant in Spanish and it offers comprehensive results in lots of fields. Try:

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