Is coinbase down right now


Theory: Coinbase/gdax Profit Off Users By Shorting $btc, $eth & $ltc

How about their frequent system outages? Isn’t it handy that almost on every occasion there is a critical marketplace crash, their machine goes down? My theory on this frequent prevalence is they freeze the choices buying and selling system, inflicting absolute hysteria amongst their users after which load up limit buy orders on GDAX (at dirt cheap fees) and then capitalize on the choices panic MARKET SELLS which take place right away upon unfreezing the choices system. I recognize that this is outlandish questioning, however reflect onconsideration on it… is it that farfetched? As a customer, there might be virtually no way for us to show this manipulation. Especially if the choices buyers who’re capitalizing on these device outages are not even formally employed by way of Coinbase on paper. Let’s be sincere, is insider buying and selling and market manipulation THAT loopy of a idea in this aggressive cryptocurrency world? Ok, I get it, this can all be chalked up to a whale creating a big mistake and losing his whole Ethereum fortune on a misclick… however is this genuine? Wouldn’t it make greater experience for this crash to have been orchestrated by using the alternate themselves to accrue a enormous profit off unsuspecting buyers? So, the choices ETH marketplace crashes all the way down to $0.10 USD and in the coming days, GDAX announces that they are going to reimburse everyone that misplaced ETH at an unfair charge due to the choices crash. I get it, it’s a pleasant gesture, but I trust that this become to cowl up the choices interior task that occurred that day. In their assertion , they essentially said that all people who sold ETH in the course of the crash may want to preserve their discounted ETH, yet all people who lost ETH could be reimbursed for his or her loss, out of GDAX’s very own pocket. Hmm… Yeah, well… this surely confirmed all of my suspicions. It turned into now clear to me that this was an internal job and that their own inner traders had been t Continue studying >>

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