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If you’ve visible Twitter handles ending in “(three, 3)” and questioning what that’s all approximately, you’re no longer by myself. We’re going to unpack this (as a substitute technical) in-funny story so that you can get in on information it as nicely.

Getting to the bottom of the choices (three, three) meme all begins with a discussion of a crypto mission known as OlympusDAO and its associated token, OHM. It happens that OHM can be featured in the imminent edition of our Altcoin Quarterly report, so that you can analyze a lot more about it there.

Until then, the choices large strokes move as follows: OlympusDAO’s task is to create a strong cryptocurrency that may replace or lessen the need for stablecoins pegged to centralized currencies. OHM tokens are backed with the aid of a basket of products and belongings in the OlympusDAO treasury (like DAI or FRAX, as an example), giving them an intrinsic cost that they can’t fall below.

At the equal time, OlympusDAO has introduced a few sport theory that underpins its network operations, and the (three, 3) notation first seemed in reference to this recreation principle. The OlympusDAO paradigm is a chunk like a sport among two “players” with a total of 3 feasible movements: they may either stake, bond, or promote. People stake OHM after they assume an growth in deliver or fee. They sell once they count on supply or rate to drop. And they bond when they do now not have a strong directional bias either manner.

Consider the subsequent table, which we’ll unpack underneath.

Selling is taken into consideration a internet-terrible inside this sport version — it places downward stress on OHM price. Bonding is taken into consideration to be internet-positive in that it provides belongings for the Olympus treasury, but it doesn’t really generate shopping for pressure that will increase the choices value of OHM.

Staking is taken into consideration to be the choices most useful movement for all Olympus community members to take — it enables to increase the choices fee of OHM by causing tremendous buy stress from the choices preliminary buy of tokens, and it moreover increases OHM scarcity by locking up extra of the deliver.

See anything familiar in that table above? Perhaps where the two “stake” headings line up? This (three, three) notation is game principle shorthand for a most superb final results between contributors in OlympusDAO. If everyone stakes OHM, then the cost of OHM will climb.

So tacking (three, 3) onto the stop of a Twitter manage is a chunk of a rallying cry that announces some thing like, “I stake OHM and also you have to too!” It telegraphs that this character has OHM exposure and wants to see its value climb, so it is able to be understood as subtle encouragement that you need to stake OHM as nicely.

If you’re still curious about OHM and its staking capability, take a look at out OlympusDAO’s technical help record on that proper here. But to carry everything collectively, the (3, 3) meme is a connection with encourage OHM enthusiasts to stake their holdings and make sure a most nice outcome for anybody.

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